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  Грамматический материал для учащихся 10 класса Gerund and Infinitive

Для повторения данной темы вам нужно пройти данной ссылке : https://infourok.ru/prezentaciya-po-anglijskomu-yazyku-infinitiv-i-gerundij-10-klass-4281184.html

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 9 класс 

1)Выражения для написания сочинения- рассуждения "for and against"

2) Формат и правила написания сочинения "expressing opinion"

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 Тренажер устной части экзамена 9 класс 

Ребята, пройдите по данной ссылке для отработки умений чтения и говорения: https://speaking.svetlanaenglishonline.ru/oge/exam

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Способы образования будущего времени 10 класс 

Выполнить задания ниже и прислать на эл. почту.

  1 variant Be going or Future Simple 
 1.The phone is ringing, I ______________________________ (answer). 2.______________________________ that dress ? (buy/I). 
3.Peter and Sarah ______________________________ to London next week (move). 
3.It's cloudy. I think it ______________________________ (rain). 
4.It is sure. We ______________________________ something for you (do). 
5.It is so hot in here. ______________________________ the window ? (open/I).
6.The kettle is boiling. I ______________________________ some tea (make). 
7.What will you do when you ______________________________ 18 ? Don't worry. They ______________________________ (not/get) lost, they know the road. I am upset, I ______________________________ (cry). 

  2 variant Be going or Future Simple
1. I _____________________________ have a pint of lager after work. 1. In the restaurant I _____________________________ have a glass of red wine. 
 2. I think we _____________________________ have a cold winter this year.
 3. What are your plans for tomorrow ? - I _____________________________ have a quiet evening at home. 
 4. Look at this man on a ladder. He _____________________________ fall. 
 5. It's so hot in here. I _____________________________ open the windows.
 6. I _____________________________ sell my car. Do you want to buy it ?
 7. Have you got my notebook ? - Sorry, I still need it. I _____________________________ bring it back tomorrow. 
 8. I think the company _____________________________ increase the sales by 10% next year. 
 9. I _____________________________ never do it again. I promise ! 

  3 variant Future Continuous or Perfect 
 1.Don't come before 5pm, ______________________________ (I/ work) at my office. 
2.Come at 5.30pm, ______________________________ (I/ finish) working. 
3.Do you think ______________________________ (you/ still/ live) in the same house next year?
 4.If you can, come to see me, ______________________________ (I/ stay) at the Beach Hotel until Saturday. 
5.In my dreams, tomorrow ______________________________ (I/snuggle up) to you and not taking my exam !
 6.I'm visiting Australia at the moment, at the end ______________________________ (I/ travel) more than 6000 km.
 7.I'll come to join you around 7pm, ______________________________ ; (my meeting/ end) by then. 8.I can imagine that tomorrow ______________________________ (the holiday/ finish), it's sad. 

  4 variant Future Continuous or Perfect 1.Jonathan ______________________________ (work) on his invention for three hours before he finally goes to bed. 
2.Jack ______________________________ (work) at the post office for 20 years by the time he's 50. 3.I'm afraid Jack ______________________________ (not/recover) from the accident by the time his football training begins.
 4.I ______________________________ (grow) my own vegetables for 2 years by the end of the year. 5.______________________________ (you/ mail) the invitations before Friday?
 6.We ______________________________ (convert) the rooftop of our apartment into a garden by the end of the week. 
7.Scientists hope they ______________________________ (solve) the world's food shortage problem by the end of the century. 
8.By June, Mr. Patterson ______________________________ (teach) music at school for ten years. 9.By November, Harry ______________________________ (sell) his products to local stores for 2 years. 
10.Are you sure you ______________________________ (clean) the living room before the guests arrive?
Степени сравнения прилагательных 5 класс 1. Образуйте степени сравнения прилагательных. small; young; thin; thick; tall; fine; new; easy; busy; dirty. famous; beautiful; difficult; comfortable; expensive; good; bad; little; many. 2. Дополните предложения как указано в примере. Пример: This cat is ...., but that cat is .... (fat) This cat is fat, but that cat is fatter. 1. His brother’s house is …, but that house is … (big) 2. This milk is …, but that milk is … (hot) 3. Danzil’s book is …, but that book is … (good) 4. This pig is …, but that pig is … (dirty) 5. This girl is …, but that girl is … (tall) 3. Откройте скобки, используя сравнительную степень прилагательных. Пример: This cat is ...than that cat. (big) This cat is bigger than that cat. 1) This monkey is … than that monkey. (funny) 2) This cat is … than that cat. (lazy) 3) This woman is … than that woman. (busy) 4) This book is … than that book. (bad) 5) This pig is … than that pig. (fat) 6) This tomato is … than that tomato. (small) 4. Открой скобки, используя превосходную степень прилагательных. Пример: Jane is … girl in our class. (tall) Jane is the tallest girl in our class. This house is … house in our town. (big) This classroom is … classroom in my school. (large) Peter is … boy in her class. (short) Ann is … girl in their class. (lazy) This film is … (good)

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